To be honest I never liked going to tuition/coaching classes. I felt it was all about studying the same thing again and again till they were by heart. I used to think ‘wohi cheez kaun firse padhega, dimag kharab’.

I joined Vidya Mandir in 9th grade only because my mom forced me to. Initially, I wasn’t willing to attend the classes, but attended for my mother’s sake. First few days were really boring for me. But, as time passed I started enjoying Garima ma’am’s teaching, company of new friends and soon realized that Vidya Mandir was not only about books. The lectures were made interactive, jokes were cracked, extra topics were discussed, treats were given by Sarin Sir. We had a small party in 12th grade.

From 10th onward Rohit Sir taught us mathematics. He explained all the topics in the easiest way possible and made intricate concepts very easy for us to understand. All we had to do was concentrate for sometime and then apply the concepts in problems. It was really simple.

11th and 12th were my best two years in Vidya Mandir. By this time I had realized that my preconceived notions about tuition classes were false. I was really enjoying. Sir, you made integration and differentiation and 3-D geometry as easy as ABCD.. for me. Those extra classes for AIEEE were really beneficial.

Thanks a lot for the efforts you put in for us. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. You were also a mentor and a guide to us.

He is at par excellence and a dedicated teacher with practical approach when it comes to teaching maths.

I remember those times when he used to write ‘Jai Hind’ instead of ‘Hence Proved’, a good way to instill patriotism in!

My sister Prutha was also a part of Vidya Mandir family. She speaks very highly of Rohit Sir as he

had helped her personally in understanding the concepts of maths.

My journey of life had made a stop at Vidya Mandir, from where I left with a box full of memories and knowledge. I knew how to swim in a calm pond Sir taught me how to survive in the rough ocean.

I wish him all the very best for his career.

Thank you Sir.

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