Vaishali Jog

Vidya Mandir, it was the most ideal place to have a learning experience. I think I was the 3rd student

And within no time our batch had as many as 30 students due to your excellent teaching abilities.

However there are 2 things that I really feel worth mentioning and it really inspires me.

The first being that I was really amazed that you had the guts to leave your home town and come all the way to Pune, a completely new place for you at least at that time, and start teaching. I think this came from the fact that You were so confident about your teaching abilities that gave you all the courage and confidence to start this Venture and follow your heart.

The second thing that really inspires me is that your ability to accept your criticism in a positive way.

I remember one incident when my brother, Vinayak has challenged one of the maths equations that you were

teaching and you just cooly said that if Vinayak could explain the logic you would accept it. I still remember that incident and it quite fascinates me that a teacher accepts his students criticism so easily.

I wish that Vidya Mandir grows to higher levels with every passing day

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