Sushmita Padhi

Back in Mumbai, I was a HORRIBLE student, who dreamt about even getting 50%. Then we moved to Pune I discovered that studying can be fun, but saying the same about Maths, was something I couldn’t even think about. I used to hate maths and worst part about it was that my family members are all math freaks…they enjoy doing maths. That part of them made little sense to me, until I joined Vidya Mandir.

Rohit sir has something about him that makes everyone else fall in love with Maths, I am surprised that I am saying that I love maths, nut this has happened only because of him. Thank you so much sir.

And Garima Ma’am, learning Science was made so easy here, I have always loved Bio, but Chemistry has always been a mystery to me, until of course I joined Vidya Mandir.

Everyone and everything in there makes you wanna fall in love with books.

The times when we used to rush to finish our home work before class, thinking about our home work as soon as we wake up in the morning till we sleep. And sometime, they haunt us in our dreams too.

All the times we get chocolates, when our books were striked off by sir coz we didn’t complete our home work….looking back at all that, that seemed really bad back then, made me realize maybe if all that didn’t happen then maybe I wouldn’t be enjoying my marks today..


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