Suneil and Ashwini Pavse

Our son, Brahma’s undergrad admission in US Universities has been announced. He had applied for (6) universities of his choice, out of the Top (25) in the world, in Computer Science. He has been successfully admitted to (4) / (6) and has been waitlisted on (2). These results were outstanding in very competitive global environment.

His Top Choice so far within the selected list is The University of Texas– Austin; it is ranked #6 globally. Half of US Presidents, George Bush’s (Junior and Senior) political Dynasty’s family have been Alumni. Brother Governor Jeb Bush who could be the next US president after Obama, First lady Laura Bush, her daughters and many Top White House, Top government and Military dignitaries are alumni of UT Austin. UT Austin has produced at least 10% of the CEO’s / CFO’s in the Top 100 Fortune Corporations including likes of Dell Computers – Founder- CEO Michael Dell and Legendary Rex Tillerson , CEO Exxon Mobil, the largest company in world.

We are humbly honored, very delighted and proud of his achievements, especially due to the Honors and Scholarship by going through several interviews and rigorous selection criteria.

Brahma has been very fortunate to be part of such future group. We believe his success is largely due to the outstanding contribution of Vidya Mandir along with his own hard work and devotion. Without Vidya Mandir’s help, he alone could have never done it. Mr Sarin gave him the great foundation with his extraordinary methodical teaching talent. He encouraged him at every level by highlighting ability, recognized his talent and supported him. Brahma developed his liking for Math at young age due to Mr. Sarin, which now is his most favourite subject. This has contributed to his achievement for which he and we as parents are very grateful.

We thank you, Mr Sarin, personally and congratulate you for making this success happen for all of us and consider this as Vidya Mandir’s achievement.

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