Srishti Batra

It is said that a teacher takes our hand, opens our mind and touches our heart and all these are the qualities that only a teacher like Rohit sir can have. I had joined Vidya Mandir in 9th std .I used to fear maths which made me hate that subject, I used to be very bad at maths so much that I used to pass just by one or two marks.
After joining Vidya Mandir and giving the first maths test there(in which I got 25 out of 30 which was a big deal for a student like me)sir told me” Agar aise hi ache se padhte rahe to boards mein 90 aa jaayenge” I thought in my mind this was an easy chapter that’s why he is so confident and he will get to know the actual situation in the next few months but it didn’t happen I used to get good marks in most of the tests although in some tests my performance was average but I was happy but this was not the case with Sir he was still not satisfied he expected a better performance. One day Sir asked me why don’t you ask any doubts in the class and I didn’t tell him anything but my mother told him the truth that I was scared of him and then Sir called me separately one day and talked to me and told me there’s nothing to be scared of and that I can ask him any number of doubts and from then till date I ask all my doubts and get them cleared which has improved my concepts.
In 9th I was not that serious about the homework but one day Sir conducted his surprise check and caught all of us he didn’t scold me but I was feeling ashamed. I told myself that from now onwards I’ll complete my homework on daily basis and I stuck to that and saw the results in the 10th board exams in which I got 90 in maths with a total percentage of 91%. I joined Vidya Mandir in 11th std as well and after learning from my past mistakes I ask my doubts without any fear and also do my homework on daily basis and I have improved a lot. Now I love maths and I look forward to the maths classes with Sir. For Sir marks never matter it is always the concept that matters. He always tells that concepts are more important and if concepts are clear there is no doubt that you’ll get excellent marks. Sir is a great teacher he treats his students just like his own children, he is strict at times but it’s only for our benefit. He loves his profession and is passionate about teaching. All the students love and respect Sir a lot. I feel Vidya Mandir is the best place for a student and Sir is the best person for guidance regarding anything in this world. Thank you Sir for giving such a wonderful experience of learning.
Jai Hind!!

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