Sidhartha Sinha

It’s been a little more than six years now but I still vividly remember my first day at Vidya Mandir. Little did I know then that my stint at Vidya Mandir would be full of fun, frolic and loads of knowledge. It is here that I have managed to get my concepts and my basics right and that has kept me in good stead. Rohit Sir’s teaching techniques are par excellence and he really knows to make learning real fun.
I am overwhelmed by nostalgia as memories of all those wonderful days come rushing…I miss the long chatting sessions with friends in the building premises both before and after the class, I miss those days when we would all make a dash at completing the home assignments some times at school and at times at ABC farms :), I also miss the ‘fundas of life’ that Sir would give occassionally and last but not the least I miss spending time with all my wonderful friends from Vidya Mandir.
I wish Rohit Sir all the very best and wish him all the success in shaping the future of all his students.

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