Satarupa Barma

I was in Class IX when I first heard of Vidya Mandir, and Mr. Rohit Sarin. I’d heard he was very very good, but I’d heard that about most coaching classes and other tuition places, so I didn’t really believe it at first. However, when my Maths marks started dipping in my school exams, I was compelled to visit Sarin Sir. I was pleasantly surprised firstly, to see how young he was, considering most well-known classes have elderly teachers. Within six months of joining Vidya Mandir, or “VM”, I regretted not having joined earlier.

Firstly, Vidya Mandir is NOT a place for those people who want to join a class for the sake of it and are not serious about the subject. Homework is taken very seriously here, and things like paying attention in class and “bunking” for no apparent reason. That said that Vidya Mandir is THE BEST place you can go, if you want to truly develop a liking for the subject. Sarin Sir makes Maths an interesting subject, the way he teaches it with his classroom atmosphere, his methods, his immense patience, personalized attention, and of course his jokes! He is brilliant at his subject and makes sure no student in class is left with any doubts. He has an intuitive mind for possible questions in examinations and more often than not, his predicted questions appear in the examinations!

Most importantly, however, unlike the millions of other coaching classes here, Vidya Mandir focuses not only on MARKS, but also on concept building and liking for the subject. Getting a 100 in my Maths Board Examinations was a distant dream, but my hard work and Sarin Sir’s dedication made it possible. I’m thankful to him, to Garima Ma’am for her ready smiles and equally good teaching, and above all to Vidya Mandir for making me confident in life.

It s been a year since I last saw Vidya Mandir, and it still brings a smile to my face, and a sense of gratitude at having been a student there. My marks in both the Board exams have been all due to him, his guidance and faith in me, and his dedication to all his students. Vidya Mandir was and will always remain a special place, and I hope it continues to do as well as it always has. In the true Sarin Sir style,


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