Sagar Phadkule

Vidya Mandir has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. Initially I joined it just for 10th SSC tuitions but as I really loved the institution’s teaching methods, dedication and quality, I decided to continue it for XI & XII CBSE tuitions though my college was HSC board.
Even after 2 years after passing out of Vidya Mandir, I haven’t met a single person as great as Mr Rohit Sarin. He’s very very dedicated, hardworking and intelligent; rather he is passionate about teaching. I sometimes think he has done some great philosophical thinking to understand exactly what, how and when to teach a particular thing so that the person in front understands it completely; or its just ‘power in simplicity’. I believe he’s such a good teacher that he will be able to teach any given subject very easily.
Garima ma’am is also as good a teacher as Rohit sir. I enjoyed learning science from her during my 10th.
Thanks to Vidya Mandir, I was able to score really good marks in MHTCET and AIEEE. All the conceptual understanding I got in these classes has helped me a lot in my engineering course.
One of the memorable days at Vidya Mandir was the Sunday when we had a lengthy class for 6 hrs as decided to finish off the entire Vectors unit. And then during the class, Rohit sir put on a song of R.D. Burman for background music while teaching at the same time. That was fun, and learn 🙂
Another event I remember… on the last day of the 12th class, sir was treating us all to ice-cream. So he was taking a count of how many mango ice creams, chocolate, vanilla etc. And when he asked for vanilla, I raised my hand and turning back saw that I was alone, the majority favouring for chocolate :D. I guess that’s one way of showing uniqueness 😉
Then there were these moments when sir made some philosophical statements and I still think upon them as to what sir must have meant; like: When he was starting Calculus, he said “Once a person understands differentiation and integration, it changes his entire thinking level!”
I feel very proud that sir mentions me even today in his classes – that’s what I hear from my little sister. Vidya Mandir has been a quite influential part of my life. I’ll always remember it and also whenever I use componendo and dividendo (the santasingh and bantasingh in sir’s words :P)

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