Sabira Sajjad

Sir, I owe my class 12th maths marks to you. The way you made us solve sums really helped us. At the time we used to crib and complain about it but in the end that is what helped us. I’m going to reveal a secret now. We sometimes used to not do our homework. We used to either do it in school or we used to come to tutions and used to copy from each other right before class used to start.:).
But I’m sure you know about that. It was all fun. But your test series used to scare us and we used to prepare well.
Vidya Mandir was a great experience. I made a lot of friends there. Also I had some of my best moments. Its been 4 years sir but it’s still etched in my mind.
I shall stop now sir. Otherwise I’ll take up all the space in your book.Thank you sir.

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