Prachi Arora

“Its been almost 4 years since the beautiful journey at Vidya Mandir. Yet, the memories are very distinct. The journey of going from a student who was disquieted by the mention of Math to someone who’s absolutely enjoyed the subject and being able to help out my peers and juniors in their difficulties, I owe it all to Sarin Sir. It wasn’t merely his elan of the subject, but his ability to understand the student’s weaknesses and help them grow overall as an individual, that has always been appreciated. The focus of all his classes wasn’t on how much you had scored on his papers but how much you had improved since the commencement of the classes. The experience is overwhelming and I’m always overcome with nostalgia when I cross the building, its always reminded me of how the preconceived notions of going to tuition were broken here, because we’ve had the utmost fun with friends and Sir. He’s more than just a teacher, hes your mentor. Not one class was complete without him offering advice on life and repeatedly telling you the importance of discipline. And indeed these lessons take you a long way.

A hearty congratulations to Sir on achieving so much and all our wishes to you in your future endeavors. I hope you continue to inspire many generations ahead of us. Thank you Sir !”

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