Parinita Mahendrakar

I can proudly say that Vidya Mandir has been the source for all the success I have achieved in my career till date. Even today I remember the way Sarin Sir used to share his personal as well as professional knowledge and experience with us. Going to Vidya Mandir not only made me excel in studies, but also helped me grow as a good individual. Sir your teachings are guiding me even today. There was a time when I was totally blank about the career I would want to pursue but Sir it was you who knew what would be the best for me. I thank you for that even today. Going to Vidya Mandir was never a boring task. Every day I learned something new and plus there was the crazy fun that use to make my day. Without your help and support I would’nt have been where I am today. Thank you for everything Sir. The days spent in Vidya Mandir will always be cherished.

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