Natasha Gracias

Five years ago an introversive, unconfident little girl walked in through the doors of Vidya Mandir. She had completely lost hope of ever doing well in maths and science and thought that her dream of being a Commercial Pilot was doomed. But the day she walked in through the doors of Vidya Mandir, her luck changed. Under the guidance of Sarin sir and his teaching staff, not only did her marks in Maths and Science go up but she also turned into an extroversive, confident woman. Today that girl walks to her aircraft with her head held high and confidently rules the skies as a Pilot. That’s the X-Factor of Vidya Mandir, where there is a serious, no-nonsense approach to studies, but on the same note a student’s holistic development is also kept in mind, and each student is given personal attention. Here a subject is not only taught with the goal of achieving higher grades but also with the aim of actually making the student enjoy studying the subject and take an interest in it. With a smile on my face and nostalgic memories in my mind I say “Vidya Mandir made my dream come true and I hope it makes yours come true also”

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