Mr. Sunil Deshpande

VIDYA MANDIR, run by Mr. Rohit Sarin is a true place of “Gyan Mandir” as the name indicates. My daughter has been taking tuitions for Maths and Science with him for last 4 years. Mr.Sarin takes keen interest in students and ensures that the students reach complete understanding of concepts/theories. The focus is on “learning” whatever is the time involved and not just to “complete” the syllabi.

He is a hard taskmaster for students to complete their homework daily and due to his uncompromising approach, students have fared well as the results indicate for last 5 years. Mr. Sarin focuses his efforts in a planned manner to be able to cover additional tests/ studies besides assigned syllabus.

This has helped in all – round study of the subjects. I strongly recommend VIDYA MANDIR for students who are keen and serious in building their future and wish all success to Mr.Sarin in his endeavors.

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