Mr. Gunjan Nawal

I sent both my sons Yash & Sanchit to Vidya Mandir for proficiency in Maths & Science. Both were very happy at Vidya Mandir and both developed so much interest in science stream in the 1st year itself that both made up their mind of going for Mechanical Engineering only. Both did really very well in XII. Yash has already completed B Tech (Mechanical) from one of the premier institute VIT, Vellore and Sanchit is also doing B Tech (Mechanical) from the same institute. Yash has gone to one of the prestigious college – Purdue University, USA for doing MS. I am sure Sanchit will also follow his elder brother while building his own career.

I am extremely happy with the progress made by both my sons and career path they have chosen for themselves. I would sincerely give the credit to Mr. Rohiet Sarren for their success in their study & career. When the base is solid, the building will automatically be very strong and stable. Mr. Sarren has done the job of making their base very solid – conceptually and analytically. He has shown the path and made vision very clear so that there is no looking back. Mr. Sarren, with so many years of experience, has very good understanding of student’s psychology and accordingly he moulds them and also guides parents for better future of their wards. I’m sure that Mr. Sarren would continue to mentor his students with the same dedication, zeal, spirit and hard work.

I wish VIDYA MANDIR grand success in their endeavor to build career of young students.

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