Keneesha Sahu

All my life, I’ve only ever known two temples.
First, is the temple of my mind, which I have come to know is very vast and utterly compelling.
The second one is rather common but also rare, in some aspects. Only a few, know it’s true worth.
If you are thinking of the religious temple, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s actually a library.
But, it seems that life never fails to surprise me, as it has shown me my third temple. A doorway to a completely new dimension. It’s as if all my stress, worries, and problems refuse to follow me through that doorway. It has quickly become my solace. And also one of my priorities.
This temple has a name, Vidya Mandir.
And I’m writing this mail to show my gratitude towards you, for creating such a wonderful temple of knowledge.
A faithful knowledge lover and student,
Keneesha Sahu
P.S.: Going to V.M. has become such an integral part of my schedule that not going makes me feel unexpected sadness.

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