Gargee Deshpande

Vidya Mandir holds a very special place in my school life. The dreadful subject of Maths, in which I scored 27 on 80 in 8th class, seemed like an impossible task. I wasn’t very good with maths until Vidya Mandir happened.
I joined Vidya Mandir in 8th grade with weak basics but after some efforts on the basics, Sarin sir made Maths feel easier. Studying with him gives a certain motivation to perform better and his passion for maths makes it even more interesting to study with him. 9th was better considering I had good support for Maths and Science.
However, 10th grade was the highlight. Classes were very interesting and the healthy competition encouraged us to practice more by the day. Before the final exam, Sarin sir called my mom and told her that I would do well, and she wasn’t very sure looking at the history of my Maths scores but the results were a big surprise for her… I had scored 97 on 100 !
I am currently graduating in Commerce from Symbiosis college and pursuing Chartered Accountancy as well, and looking back, I realise that it was a great confidence booster to know my abilities and I shall always be extremely grateful to Rohit sir and Garima ma’am ! I hope many more students get the opportunity and the privilege to study with them, for its a beautiful experience to cherish, Vidya Mandir !

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