Deepak Sinha

Well…… memories go back to class 10th when I joined this temple.
I was new in Pune and struggling with my studies in the new school (APS, Pune), apart from this there was that horrible pressure of the board exams. And, I won’t lie but it was this classes which brought me up in Science , and to a little extent even the test series, both Maths and Science helped an average guy like me to end up with 85 in Maths and 83 in Science.
Then I joined it back in class11th. It was then when I came under the prestigious guidance of Rohit Sir in Maths and Physics. I was with him for both subjects till the end of class 12th and I ended up with a 95% in Maths and 86% in Physics. The strong basics of Maths which he had built in me still help me in my graduation.
Sir I really miss a teacher like u over here. And not only a good teacher he is also a very good guider of life, u live life according to him and u c that success is at ur feet. Sir I still remember the lesson u once taught me for doing a wrong and unfaithful deed (“sir plz don’t mention it”) and that lesson has really helped me to improve a lot and I have never repeated that or any similar mistake till date in my life….
Sir we all really love u and we miss both ur guidance and teaching a lot……

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