Brahma Pavse

Definitely the best place to immerse yourself in an environment of knowledge and support!!

I have known Sir for over 5 years now and was a part of VM for about 3 (till and including 12th grade). Every step of the way, I learned something new – in terms of academics and just approach to life. Apart from gaining the knowledge to do well on the exams, you gain a solid and robust friendship that can definitely last a lifetime with Sir. I continue to seek advice and share my advancements with Sir and I am always met with the sincere and warm encouragement that I received during my time at VM.

It is always great to be challenged. When you are challenged, you know you are learning something. VM was definitely that place for me. We never settled on the most intuitive problems in NCERT but expanded to other problem sets that required more critical thinking. I personally enjoyed that style because I felt I was being pushed to do my best and that is definitely a type of place you want. VM for sure meets that requirement at all levels.

Sir has definitely established a culture that is superbly beneficial to the student and his/her parents. You can be assured that you will be watched after with care and concern at VM.

I highly recommend this esteemed institution if you are looking for a place that fosters and enhances your current skills and substantially adds many more! 10/10 all the way!

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