Agrima Sahore

I have always attempted to look beyond the conventional and ordinary. My quest to find a place that would not only enable but empower me to strive hard and achieve my best took the form of looking for math tuitions as I stepped into my final year of high school (Std 12). Vidya Mandir was recommended widely and I placed my trust in the hands of Rohit sir’s teaching methodologies.

I am glad to declare that Vidya Mandir lived up to its every claim and every promise. Reactions that I came across on sharing my association with the institute were mixed with excitement and apprehension – ‘Dude, Sir is very strict’, ‘You are totally gone dude’. ‘The homework is tooooo much’!! It made me question my decision but I stood by my choice nonetheless. There was something about the place that told me that we would gel and make it work. Healthy competition, appropriate encouragement, regular assignments and vital stress on practice and perfection made it all happen just the way my parents, Rohit sir and I had planned. A 99/100 in mathematics looked splendid on the mark sheet, still does and forever will.

Gratitude. Pleasure. Honor- all mine!

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