Aditi Rathi

My experience in Vidya Mandir, though for a brief time, has been a really great one and one which I will cherish for my entire life!

Going to the classes had become a part and parcel of life… was never boring and I always used to look forward to attending them! Completion of homework, books, and if you were absent in the previous class then you should not forget to put your leave application in the bag….! My experience in Vidya Mandir taught me not only Mathematics but also discipline, regularity and punctuality- a few lessons which are must in a person’s life.

Sarin Sir has a unique way of teaching! He made each and every lesson very interesting. Each and every concept went so clearly in my mind!

I’ll miss Vidya Mandir, those 30 marks tests on every topic, solving sums in class, and of course saying ‘Jai Hind’ after getting the solution.

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