Rohiet Sarren

Dr. Rohiet Sarren

The founder of Vidya Mandir, Dr. Rohiet Sarren can be described as a visionary who has brought a revolutionary change in the coaching methodology. His unique teaching style entails both the result oriented approach and time saving techniques. Being a teacher for many years, he felt the dearth of good teachers and its subsequent impact on the society. Knowing the fact that today's students are tomorrow's citizens and leaders, he felt it necessary to ingrain qualities like logical approach, discipline, and inclination towards study in the early stage of their life. That was the turning point when the institution like Vidya Mandir took its shape.

Rohiet Sir is hard working and a popular teacher among students. He takes personal and extra care of all the students. Due to this reason once a student enrolls in this institution, s/he develops a lasting bond with Rohiet Sir.