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In today’s general scenario, students dislike various subjects, as they feel burdened by studying lengthy volumes of books. Moreover, a subject can be liked or disliked depending upon the teacher’s teaching style. Students like those teachers who develop liking for the subject and remove their psychological fear of the subject. A good teacher has to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of teaching. He has to have his own unique methods for teaching the subject. Students usually tend to associate a subject with a specific teacher.

The absences of good teachers made Mr. Rohiet Sarren come up with a unique methodology to teach the students. Rohiet Sir has been a teacher right from his college days. He took up the teaching profession after completing his graduation. Armed with the desire to provide good teaching to the students, he set up Vidya Mandir; his own coaching classes in Pune, dedicated to quality teaching. Vidya Mandir, the coaching class was established in May 1999. The coaching methodology and study notes of Vidya Mandir enhance the success prospects of students in exams.

Vidya Mandir offers coaching classes to the students of 8ththrough 12th standard. Rohiet Sir’s passion for teaching, his unique teaching methodology, and the benchmarks setup by Vidya Mandir have shown great results in the past. Vidya Mandir now boasts of having 100% results of which 90% of the students score above 90% in their final examinations! Moreover, many of them actually score 98-100 marks in Mathematics and Science. This point becomes even more important considering the fact that Vidya Mandir takes students from all layers of the society and with different Intelligence Quotients. We believe that every child is knowledgeable. Only a suitable key is required to bring that quality out and apply it positively and creatively. We ensure that each student is paid individual attention.